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Drum Tuber Community 🥁📺




noun: DrumTuber; plural noun: DrumTubers


a person who plays drums as a hobby and uploads, produces, or appears in drum related videos on the video-sharing website YouTube. 

Do you consider yourself a Drum Tuber? 


Do you want to join an exclusive online community with a private Facebook group with a WhatsApp group chat?


The community will launch on 1st March 2023. To be part of it please click the below link and fill in the questions. 


On launch day (1st March) I will put the founding members into a prize drawer to win the first-ever Drum Tuber T-shirt. This will be a live drawer on the Facebook group. 


You are EPIC! 🤜🤛🙏🥁📺




There are also two T-shirts available on my Spring Store, we have the standard one and my new charity fundraiser T-shirt where 100% of the profits (around £/$10) 


Here are the links….


Standard Drum Tuber T-shirt




Charity Drum Tuber T-shirt



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